Ewa Litauer commands the highest respect from a former employer, as she always brought professionalism, integrity, depth and seriousness to her work. We had the utmost respect for her work and trusted her with any clients who needed her help. Absolutely one of the best hypnotherapists in the Bay Area.

Joly Herman, former Co-Owner (2003-2008), Schizandra Health Center


"My experience with Ewa's hypnotherapy was fantastic. She really surprised me with the scope of her sessions - we talked about everything from past lives...to current dilemmas...to yummy herbal teas to drink for clarity. The hypnosis portion was always my favorite part...even though I was merely curious if it would work at first. Honestly, I found it to be the KEY for every session. Combined with the tarot cards she used, I received some Very Clear images to help me on my healing path. I highly recommend!!"

Laura Lynn B.

"If you want answers, go see Ewa. I met with this amazing woman not knowing what to expect or how hypnosis could help me. I trusted Ewa right away as she has a very kind and supportive demeanor. After getting settled, she helped me reach a very relaxed state. I was aware of what was going on, although I felt distant and calm. Ewa was able to support me in taking a little journey inside myself where I found crystal clear answers and truth I normally would not be aware of. It really helped me clarify my relationship with my girlfriend and deal with some big life decisions. After our work was done, I left feeling completely refreshed and energetic. I would recommend this woman to anyone who needs healing or is dealing with life changes. She is a great support to get you to the other side!"

Ryan G.

"I'd been smoking over a pack a day for years and knew I needed to quit but I was afraid I didn't have the will power to do it. A wise friend suggested I find a good hypnotherapist. I looked up "Hypnotherapist" in the Yellow Pages and followed my intuition as to which one to call. I wanted someone who would help me quit smoking with the least amount of discomfort for the longest period of time.

Ewa Litauer was EVERYTHING I'd hoped for! In addition to being warm, welcoming and great to work with, she got right to the point, made everything very clear and didn’t want to talk me into coming to more sessions than necessary to achieve my goal. She estimated 3 or 4. I needed 3. I walked out of her office on my "quit day" and spent the rest of the day with a friend who smokes like a chimney and didn't even ask for a puff! Unbelievable!

It's been two weeks and I STILL have not had one puff off a cigarette. The urge and thoughts about it are just infrequent and not strong anymore. So I did some research and now that I know about all the things hypnosis CAN help with, I'm considering going back to work on other things, like sleeping better, higher self-esteem, etc. Forget years of therapy. It truly is amazing how much hypnosis, done by a good hypnotherapist, can achieve."


San Francisco

"Ewa blends a grounded background in counseling with an inspired spiritual perspective in her work. She empowers her clients in accessing their own innate wisdom while they heal and transform."

Holly Holmes-Meredith, MA, MFT

Clinical Director HCH Institute

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Ewa as a client and as a student, and I can truly say that she excels as both therapist and teacher. As a therapist she brings not only an impressive backg...ound in psycho - and hypnotherapy but also a caring, respectful and playful approach that has helped me tease out new ways of looking at issues I'm working on. I have especially appreciated her creative guidance and sensitivity - her unique way of leading me through the landscape of my own thought constructs and her appreciation of the level of my feelings."


"I was initially nervous about using hypnotherapy to address my nail-biting habit. Ewa immediately put me at ease. With Ewa's help, I was able to conquer biting my nails quickly and much more easily...than I expected. Since then, Ewa has helped me in other areas of my life including my career and marriage. I look forward to seeing Ewa each week!"


San Francisco

"Ewa is present and skilled in her practice. Working with her, I have experienced deep healing and tremendous transformation."


San Francisco

"Revelation. We all know the feeling. The sudden rush of insight into something you had been trying to figure out for hours, days, or maybe even years. A moment of clarity and empowerment so liberati...g that body and emotions are lifted and relieved all at the same time. Wow. When I sat down with Ewa for the fist time I was an emotional jumbled mess embodying just the opposite: confusion, fear, anxiety, hesitation, and a healthy spoonful of self-doubt. Insert magic wand, hypnotherapy, reiki and?healed! No, not that simple. What I discovered in my sessions with Ewa was a person willing to listen, willing to learn with me, and support me in being the master of my own destiny. With this open palate as our working space I slowly began to peel away at issues big and small. The combination of open talk, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki were the tools we used to expand and explore. Through the process of conversing, tapping into my subconscious through Hypnotherapy, and getting the energy flowing through Reiki I felt a real internal shift. No hocus pocus. Just great tools, awesome support, and a dedicated person to guide me through the process. The result of all of this? What nut did I crack? The revelation? Me. I discovered me. Call it what you like. Corny, cheesy, new age, touchy feely. Whatever. For me I call it the truth. I discovered a person not unlike the person who might be reading this right now. A person with their unique issue to work through. A person with unique challenges. But most importantly I found a person with unique hopes, goals, and dreams. As I write this I am a person firmly and profoundly changed. I acknowledge and work on issues and challenges as they arise now versus repressing them and letting them get bigger and bigger over time. I am a person who is taking myself seriously now and putting real energy into newly discovered hopes and dreams. For this I am deeply thankful. So take a chance on yourself and pick up the phone or shoot Ewa an email. You never know what or who you might discover."

John P.