'Whatever we build in the imagination will accomplish itself in the circumstances of our lives.' W.B. Yeats


Standard Hypnotherapy or Reiki sessions are 60 minutes, Restorative Yoga sessions 90 minutes. Most people come see me every week, some every other. Sometimes it may be appropriate to schedule more frequent sessions for a short period of time, i.e. if someone is preparing for or recovering from surgery,  or around a quit date for smoking cessation.

The length of time you continue with sessions is up to you. I strive to support clients in figuring out what is best for them. Some clients see me as someone they continue to regularly check in with after an initial course of sessions, wether it is once a season, once a year, or during times of transition. I always make space in my practice for those I have worked with before who need a "tune-up" or more.


I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. I am happy to try to reschedule appointments, but please try and do that 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or need to reschedule in less than 24 hours you will be charged for that session. Feel free to discuss this policy with me at any time.


Hypnotherapy is not 3rd party billable, however, many Employee Flex Plans may reimburse you for hypnotherapy sessions. Please check your plan for details.


Cash, checks and most credit cards are accepted as well as payment in advance via paypal. The majority of my clients pay me at each session or with pre-paid multi-session packages, but I can also bill you monthly.


If you need to contact me between appointments, please leave a message on my voice mail - 415-364-1853 or email me at ewalitauer@sfhypnotherapy.com. I strive to return your call or email within 24 hours. If you have not heard back from me, please feel free to call or email me again.

Face- to-face sessions are highly preferable to Skype sessions. However, in the event that you are out of town, sick or need additional support, Skype sessions are available.  If a true emergency situation arises, please call 911 or any local emergency room.
I do my best to give clients ample notice as to when I will be out of the office and always provide numbers of practitioners who can see you when I am not available. If for some reason I can't make a session I will do my best to contact you.


The session content and all relevant materials to your treatment will be held confidential unless you request in writing to have all or portions of such content released to a specifically named person/persons. Limitations of such client held privilege of confidentiality exist and are itemized below:
1. If a client threatens or attempts to commit suicide or otherwise conducts him/her self in a manner in which there is a substantial risk of incurring serious bodily harm.
2. If a client threatens grave bodily harm or death to another person.
3. If the therapist has a reasonable suspicion that a client or other named victim is the perpetrator, observer of, or actual victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children under the age of 18 years.
4. Suspicions as stated above in the case of an elderly person who may be subjected to these abuses.
5. Suspected neglect of the parties named in items #3 and #4.
6. If a court of law issues a legitimate subpoena for information stated on the subpoena.

Occasionally I may need to consult with other professionals in order to provide the best treatment for you. Information about you may be shared in this context without using your name.