Hypnotic Restorative Yoga for Restful Sleep - with Kate Truka

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Those living with insomnia may have trouble falling asleep or find it difficult to stay asleep. Sleep scientists have connected poor sleep with a range of impairments impacting attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. Sleep loss may also contribute to other negative health effects such as depression, lower libido, weight gain, poor skin health, and a range of heart conditions. Having effective tools to promote sleep greatly improves your overall mental and physical health.

In this highly experiential workshop, participants will approach sleep health from the perspectives of Restorative Yoga, Chinese medicine and Hypnotherapy. The offering is rooted in deep, ancient, shamanic and earth­-based healing traditions to cultivate a healing atmosphere of love, kindness, and compassion.

Our Restorative Yoga practice will tap into the body’s innate capacity for deep relaxation. The postures can be replicated at home as part of the emphasis on relaxation throughout the day that sets one up for easeful sleep. The participant may feel physically rejuvenated, experience mental clarity, and be more able to embrace the full­ range of emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences that may be influencing their sleep health.

The yoga practice will be married to a grounded, yet enchanting hypnotic journey that suspends conscious mental obstacles and calls forth one's innate wisdom. Hypnotherapy opens up a looking glass into the unconscious, thus allowing one to shine a light onto the various areas of their life that may be inviting healing.

Together, Kate and Ewa weave a tapestry of sacred space allowing you to access and mobilize your own inner healing potential.

This workshop is open to all. No previous yoga experience is required. This workshop is especially beneficial for those experiencing stress, insomnia, chronic illness, fatigue, pregnant women, new parents or those seeking to deepen their psychological and spiritual awareness.

Participants are welcome to contact Kate directly with inquiries about Restorative yoga at ktruka@gmail.com and inquiries concerning Hypnotherapy can be sent to Ewa at ewa@sfhypnotherapy.com