Recently, someone asked me for one easy way to describe how Reiki makes everyone feel better. And I find, it is all in the breath – and coming back to the awareness of your own breathing body. After a Reiki treatment people leave breathing lighter, often walking lighter, feeling brighter and refreshed.

Today we are becoming more conscious about what we eat and drink but we don’t often think about how we breathe. And yet, our breath is our most direct connection with the world – we enter the world and we start to breathe. Breath is life force in the body. And the way we breathe affects our nervous system, our heart, our concentration and our sleep.

When we experience ongoing stress or pain, physical or emotional, our breathing is easily affected becoming habitually restrained or blocked, more shallow and in the chest.


So, start by noticing your breath right now. We always begin where we are. Just observe.

Become present to the movement and sensation of your body breathing in - and out.

When you watch your breath you are making your mind focus still.

Now, try taking some deeper breath all the way down into your belly.


Abdominal breathing has a calming and relaxing effect and can help us add more life energy. We absorb more oxygen and release more waste products with fewer but more effective breaths.

During a session, as you feel the Reiki energy bringing greater balance to your physical, mental and emotional body, you come back to your own most natural breath.